Say “Hi”  to Nina, a proud owner of MySelf  – European Spa boutique at Newton Upper Falls.Together we had fun with   wardrobe configuration and selecting outfits for a magazine photo shoot (pictures by Tori G Photography)

“Yelena and I worked on my wardrobe. She was helpful with my personal style and accessories. I highly recommend Yelena. Check out my pictures..”

Nina Fine

MySelf European Spa Boutique

Do you always know how to fit  your new item into existing wardrobe? It is pretty common among us stylish ladies. Don’t worry, there should be some agreeable articles in your closet to make an complete look. Elena (a college professor) and I enjoyed putting together different outfits:
Makeover with Holly, experienced web developer.You can see how just a little effort can take you a long way.
All the treasures were found in Holly’s closet.
Holly showed me a few wardrobe items that she was not sure how to wear.
Here are a few examples:
Meet my friend Irina. Notice how the colors and proportions can make a huge difference. The first picture is before the shopping.

Creating a new image from existing, but well forgotten treasures. My friend, fine artist and jewelry designer, the owner of Basement Gallery – Isabella is rocking her new looks. Very last picture is “inside the comfort zone”, before our fun closet activity.

“Yelena is a very knowledgeable fashion consultant. Not only did she put together exciting new outfits from my old wardrobe, but also taught me how to use a few basic principles to do it myself from now on. I feel empowered and confident and know exactly what to get on my next shopping trip. She is very friendly and not at all intimidating. I would recommend anyone to have her go through their closet with them and update it without buying a thing. Plus, it was lots of fun!”

– Isabella Klimov 

High End Stores Shopping with my very stylish customer.

Irina and I checked out Chico’s, Talbot, J.Jill and Loft. And the winner is…Chico’s. (My favorite too). We experimented with colors, shapes, layers and accessories.

“It was fun to spend a day shopping with Yelena.  Just when I thought I knew what to buy…  She made me try on clothing I would have never picked on my own. Yelena is very organized, knowledgeable and just a fun, friendly, amazing person.Give it a try.  You will not regret it.No pressure, no rush, just pure fun.  I ended up buying a few outfits which I really enjoy.

Thank you, Yelena! – Irina Spektor”

Dear Yelena, Thanks so much for taking me shopping yesterday. Having you there made a huge difference. You took me to your favorite store that was having a half-price sale. You knew your way around so I could follow your lead. You had a list and had me try things outside my usual. Then you organized things so I could be really efficient as I tried them on. Because of your support and guidance, I got great deals on outfits I love.I felt well taken care of and had a great time at home trying things on and seeing the results.

I highly recommend your services. Thank you.

Nancy Cantor, CEO
Dream Factory Community


Check out the Wardrobe Redo. Nancy (founder of Dream Factory, a women’s business network) and I met at Nancy’s place to sort out her closet and revive some of her favorites by assembling them with new accessories. We had a lot of fun and came up with more than 20 different looks including casual, professional and evening. Here are some of them.


Casual Looks


Professional Looks


Going Out Looks

Some variations with the same dresses:


Here is the special occasion shopping extravaganza.
And with a very special customer too. Say “hi” to Victoria.
Watch the evolution of the dresses:

Middle School Prom
Junior Prom
Senior Prom

Meet Irene, my remote customer. We started our daily “How do I look?” exchanges in April.

Irene would dress up for work and send me a picture and I suggest a better version of the outfit by tweaking details, accessories or  provide some advice, what’s not to wear.
We were able to reconfigure her attire to new looks. It was fun seeing how Irene’s style improved.

Earlier images:

Later images: