Session 1 :: Intro

(30 min to 1 hour)

This is an introductory meeting when we get to know each other and define your goals and expectations. Every person is unique, we will build a custom program which is designed to  take into consideration your busy schedule, your convenience, and your preferences. This program will consist of a series of up to four consulting and shopping sessions.

Bonus: my customers receive valuable fashion and shopping information


(1 to 2 hours)

Interested in looking youthful and cheery? This session is for you. Stand out from the crowd with colorful clothes and accessories. During this session we determine what color palette emphasize your face the best possible way, what colors complement each other in mindful combinations, how colors can help improve your ensemble and hide or bring up specifics of your shape.

Bonus: my customers receive a color palette, specific to their skin tone and a set of pocket-size color cards for easy shopping.


(1 hour)

Having trouble to find complementing clothes designs? Gained some weight? Upset with the image in the mirror? Don’t worry – nobody is perfect!  During this session we will determine the best styles of different articles of clothes  to improve your image and how patterns, lines and details can play “show” and “hide” tricks.  You will learn the secrets of looking put together and stylish once and for all.

Bonus: my customers receive the guidelines for improving the perception of their shape.


(1 hour)

Do you want to feel smart about clothes shopping? Do you need a peace of mind picking your outfit in the morning? During this session we’ll discover the essentials of a practical and foolproof wardrobe, suiting your individual lifestyle. You will learn how to put a few practical wardrobe articles together to create maximum different outfits and looks, which save you more time and money than individual articles of clothes.

Bonus: my customers receive”know-how” materials and customized shopping list


(1 hour)

It is all in details! Did you notice how many people can dramatically improve their appearance with a new hairstyle, with a touch of a makeup or a few interesting details? Don’t underestimate the power of little details. During this session we will discover what accessories are the best for you and how to choose them, you will get an advice on maintenance of your hairstyle and makeup and you will learn a few practical beauty techniques. Your morning routine will never be the same.

Bonus: my customers  receive the session materials with examples

Session 3 :: Wardrobe Clean-Out/Outfit Configuration

(2-4 hours)

Tired from same old clothes? Spending too much time in the morning deciding what to wear? Need help sorting out your wardrobe? I’m offering you a hand. Lets meet in the privacy of your home and relieve you from poor fitting, worn down or outdated pieces you’ve been hesitant to purge. We will give your retired clothes proper “send-off” and give the other a new spin by putting them in different, new to you outfits. We will be able to identify what is missing in your basic essentials and put together a customized shopping list with the selection of stores.

Bonus: my customers identify several new outfits with existing clothes and get some extra space in their closet for new styles.

Session 4A :: Frugal Shopping

(2-5 hours)

Session 4B :: Special Occasion Shopping

(3-4 hours)

Session 4C :: Special Ladies Shopping

(3-5 hours)

Hate to shop for clothes? Need a sounding board or a shopping buddy? Want to look fantastic, but have a budget? I’m to the rescue, I will take you for an enjoyable shopping experience.

We will put together your outfits for an occasion, or for a season or for a  few years. You will be outfitted with the smart and practical shopping tools.

Bonus: besides the guidance, my customers receive materials supporting mindful shopping


Need a quick advice on frequent basis? That’s easy: subscribe, send me a picture, and get suggestion for improvement. Remote shopping assistance is available upon appointment.

Other Services :: SHOPPING PARTY, IN-HOme StuDIO PaRTY

Want to shop with friends, try new outfits and take pictures?  Or, gather over wine and cheese for a home fashion show? We can do evenings and weekends for any occasion.