Greetings! I’m Yelena Perchenok your personal stylist and shopping assistant

I moved to US from Russia in 1992

I lived on a dime and learned to wear the donated or  thrift store clothes with grace

Graduated from a beauty school and worked as a hair stylist

Mastered frugal shopping

Skilled in a special occasion treasure hunting

Outfitted models for a Thrift Fashion Show

I live in Boston, MA and serve Boston/Metro West area 

As one can see I’m wearing different hats, I was an image consultant first to myself and was rewarded with compliments on my outfits (which cost me fractions from the prices paid at high end stores). Then I was dressing my daughter and taught her on flattering styles and color coordination, the most satisfaction I got from dressing my aging relatives, it is not too difficult to look good when you are young – being older and having changed body requires an effort to maintain a good look. Then friends, we are not getting younger either, but we can get smarter about our outfits and accessories and about the unspoken message we are sending to people around us.

    To support my vision of a “beautiful woman”  I offer 4 years of various art classes, a beauty school and years of experience with styling