Accessories 2018

Fantasy Hose

At fashion show, besides the clothes, great attention is also paid to accessories, especially bags and shoes. This season brought us another unusual trend, which is hard to ignore if you are a fashionista. Look for Fantasy Hose at  the fashion runways.

Duffle Bags/Hobo Bags/CarryAll

Summer trend for miniature bags will continue to be in style in fall/winter season, but they are still not terribly practical. If you need to carry “all your life” with you, think large. Be mindful – the size depends on your build. The taller you are the larger bag you can wear. Colors for winter season: dark green, burgundy, dark blue, purple, brown. Colors for Spring/Summer: beige, orange, pale blue, gray, pink.

Over the Knee Boots

Tall boots are still in fashion, but there are more styles introduced: wide or narrow, stocking and loose, stiletto, flat or practical heel, suede, leather and fabric. Red boots made the biggest splash.


Hats are back to style. This season is a hat season. All kinds go: hats, caps, berets, beanies, and fedoras – anything you may like. Some prominent brands demonstrated quite sizable hats. “Bad hair days” may become a history for some of us.

If you noticed this season has a variety of trends some new, some from the last season. Feel free to wear your favorites purchased last year, but don’t forget that you’re is what you wear. Let your clothes speak for you, be unique and mindful about selecting items for your wardrobe. Good luck.


Importance of proportions

Which image looks better?

The image on the right looks better. Nice and simple: having a shirt with a proper length makes the legs look longer. The 2/3 rule is used here. What is “proper length”? As a golden rule the visual line between an upper and lower body should not cut the body at curve or your widest parts. About an inch above the hips – this fits most body types.

Which image looks better?

Again, the image on the right looks better. These outfits are assembled with similar items, but look dramatically different. Lets review the picture props. Lower neckline makes the neck look longer. The jacket line is compliant with the proportion rules and balances the upper and lower body. Shorter skirt (and the choice of tall boots with heels) make the legs look longer. (Hint: longer skirts look better on the taller women, if you are short avoid or be careful) A few more details: pencil skirt slims down in most cases. Defined waist line also contributes to entire image looking better. In my humble opinion the purse of a contrast color is not such a bad idea, it distracts from overall boxy look on the left picture.

No question here, of course the image on the right looks better.

Ladies with apple/oval shape pay attention – this is for you. Again shorter top balances the upper and lower body. Long jeans of neutral color slim down hips and thighs, Boot cut design hides wide cuffs. Shoes or boots are the same or similar shade as jeans make legs look longer. White T-shirt underneath the stripped shirt is shorter at the waist line and doesn’t attract attention to the problematic area in comparison with the left image. Lets agree that accessories on the left (boots and purse) not anywhere near of being stylish. Although little purse on the right looks better – I would take slightly bigger one (to be more proportional with the body size) and a bit brighter.