Color Combinations Rules

With this tool you can see which colors you  can wear together.

  1. Find the little circle with arrow in it and move it around the wheel, from inside to outside the wheel until you find the shade of the garment in the central square below the wheel for which you are trying to find a match.  Once you match the color with your garment select a different Color rule from the drop-down menu. The squares to the left and to the right of your selected color will give you an idea for the combination. Try different rules. My favorite are Monochromatic and Complimentary.
  2. Alternatively, use the tool to find the right colors for your skin tone. Good judgement is needed. By clicking on the camera icon upload your picture, where your face is well lit, the more face on the picture the better. You will be presented with 5 spot selections. If you have full body on the picture the selections will be placed everywhere, including background. Click on the one circle and drag it around your face, while clicked you will get a portion of your face in a separate circle. While moving notice which square changes, move the mouse  until you feel that the color in that square is very close to your skin color. Use your best judgement. Click on that square and move it to the central position. Click on the color wheel icon – you will be presented with the same screen as above with your skin tone in the middle. Pull down different rules: Triad Complimentary and Compound would be the best selection, when you selecting colors for your skin tone.

A little trick with a long top and a belt

Hi there!

Challenge of the day:
As you can see on the left the top is a bit too long for a 5′ frame. Also it doesn’t necessarily  hide all the beauty around mid section. Lets follow the trend and tuck in some of the shirt. If one has some curvy stomach area – it makes sense to move the tuck to the side. As a result we have the top riding up to the perfect length, some draping covers “extras” and the  legs look longer . To make it more interesting  we can add a belt with an attractive color or a buckle and place the buckle to be visible.





Owning this business unleashes my creativity and fulfills the thirst for art. If I can’t paint or make dresses I still have an eye for a style. I see a beauty in every woman whether it is an obvious feature  or  hidden asset that needs to be revealed. How many times I caught myself “fixing”  in my head the outfits or accessories or little details  in women’s looks that would significantly improve the visual perception of them, make them more beautiful and put together. Having served my clients and see them happy and loving the way they look gives me a great deal of satisfaction.